Powakaddy Universal Plug n Play Charger Brand New For FW & C2 Models


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Brand New Powakaddy Charger

Compatible with Powakaddy Lead Acid Batteries & Lithium Batteries

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Powakaddy Plug’n’Play Charger

Plug n Play Charger Only (Powakaddy Plug n Play Batteries)

The Powakaddy Plug ‘ n ‘ Play charger will charge all Plug ‘n’ Play batteries, lithium and lead-acid alike. It comes with a manufacture 1-year warranty. This is an official Powakaddy product.

– comes with 2 year guarantee – can be registered on register my Powakaddy website

– For anyone with Powakaddy FW3, FW3i, FW3s, FW5, FW5i, FW5s, FW7, FW7s GPS, C2, C2i, C2i GPS